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FIRST Family of Robotics Events

The UTEP Robotics Program is intended to attract students into engineering through their engagement in robotic competitions. The UTEP College of Engineering and its partners support several robotic competitions geared for students as young as Pre-K and up to high school students. Whatever your age group, robotic skills will be developed, but more importantly so will your team and life skills.

WATCH: The Hardest Fun You'll Ever Have
FTC Robotics Competition

The following table compares the different competitions and how each may apply to you.







K-3rd 4th-8th 7th-12th 9th-12th

Adult Coach/Mentors

1 1 - 2 2 or more 2 or more

Robot Type

Simple Lego Lego NXT & EV3 TETRIX - Matrix & Android AndyMark + NI + other

Challenge Components

Research & Lego Model Robot, Research, Teamwork Outreach, Eng. Notebook, Robot Robot, Outreach, Business Log

Events at UTEP

Championship Championship League Championship Kickoff

National First Registration

$75 $225 $275 $6,000 (Rookie)

Local/State Registration Costs

$25 $75 $250 Free

Other Expenses (Parts, Robot, Team Costs)

Up to $300 Up to $900 up to $2500 Varies


  • For Inspiration & Recognition of Science and Technology
    For Inspiration & Recognition of Science and Technology
  • NASA
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • National Instruments
    National Instruments


Dr. Virgilio E. Gonzalez &
Engineering Ambassadors

Phone: (915) 747-6622

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