David Novick's Color Illusion Page: Illusions with Photos

This page presents new examples of the Munker illusion, inspired by examples created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, using photographs. In each pair of apparently different photos, the pictures are actually identical.

The color contexts for the photos are at 50% transparency, so that the photos can be perceived more easily, rather than appearing like they are behind bars.

The photos make it apparent that the changes in color are associated positively with the foreground color. That is, blue foreground stripes will make the photo look bluish. I had thought that the opposite would be true--that the photo would appear in a contrasting color.

Blue-Yellow illusion of architectural detail
Green-Pink illusion of architectural detail
Red-Green illusion of architectural detail
Blue-Yellow illusion of a cat
Green-Pink illusion of a cat
Violet-Yellow illusion of a cat
Blue-Yellow illusion of David
Green-Pink illusion of David
Violet-Yellow illusion of David

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August 7, 2017