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Chang Receives Grant from City of El Paso

Dr. Carlos Chang Albitres
Dr. Carlos
Chang Albitres
Dr. Carlos Chang Albitres, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, has received a grant to develop a GIS Fiber Optics Asset Management System (GFOAMS) for the City of El Paso. The project is a cooperative joint effort between the City of El Paso and UTEP.

The grant is an extension of an earlier project performed for the City of El Paso, where existing fiber conduits records were placed in GIS . Conducting field survey’s to verify and update current information for fiber optics is considered a priority and will allow the city to manage these assets efficiently.

According to Dr. Chang, Sam Rodriguez and Al Greiner from the City of El Paso’s Engineering Department have expressed the importance of the project.

”The development of the GFOAMS will allow the City of El Paso to make more effective decisions based on reliable information provided by a GIS user’s friendly practical tool,” said Dr. Chang. “The project will benefit the City of El Paso by implementing an asset management system where all fiber optics key information is stored, saving time and money.”

The project is expected to take nine months to complete. Dr. Raed K. Aldouri of the Geospatial Center is co-PI.