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UTEP Awarded NSF Grant for Multidisciplinary Project

Students looking at monitor.
Photo courtesy of UTEP
The University of Texas at El Paso has been awarded nearly $150,000 to develop a new computational curriculum for students whose careers will overlap computation and other fields.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the grant calls for a collaboration between the Department of Computer Science, Biological Sciences and the Department of Economics and Finance to offer a computational curriculum to students majoring in other disciplines.

According to Dr. Francois Modave, Professor of Computer Science and principal investigator, the multi-disciplinary program will revitalize computing education at the undergraduate level while using existing infrastructure.

“Students majoring in other departments on campus will also be able to take computer science courses and still graduate in a reasonable amount of time,” said Modave. “It’s a multi-disciplinary approach to education that will serve a model for UTEP and other academic institutions to follow.”

The project, titled “CPath – CDP: An Integrated, Multidisciplinary, and Cross-Fertilizing Model for Computing Education”, aims to develop a comprehensive approach to introducing aspects of computation and algorithm design to students in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. It will include development of short tracks for students housed in different departments and explorations in synergistic combinations that effectively prepare students for interdisciplinary work and is the necessary groundwork for a larger, University-wide project of $2M over 3 years.

Working with Modave as co-principal investigators are Dr. Eric Freudenthal and Dr. Vanessa Lougheed (Biological Sciences) and Dr. Oscar Varela (College of Business Administration).