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UTEP Engineering Students Awarded Eisenhower Fellowships

Engineering Students Receive Eisenhower Transportation Fellowships.
Engineering Students Receive Eisenhower
Transportation Fellowships. Pictured from left to right
are: (top) Carlos Duran, Maryam Limouee, Sara Montazeri,
Guillermo Marquez ,
and Imad Abdallah, (bottom) Jorge Muro,
Manuel Celaya, Lourdes Pacheco, and Carlos Solis.
Photo courtesy of UTEP.
Ten engineering students at The University of Texas at El Paso have been awarded a $7,500 grant each to participate in transportation and pavement-related research in the Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS) at UTEP.

The 2008 Dwight David Eisenhower Hispanic Serving Institutions Fellowship Program is being awarded to Imad Abdallah, Lourdes Pacheco, Salvador Borrego, Manuel Celeya, Carlos Duran, Sara Montazeri, Maryam Limouee, Carlos Solis, Guillermo Marquez and Jorge Muro.

The Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program is awarded annually to exceptional students pursuing degrees in transportation-related disciplines. Each $7,500 grant also includes travel expenses necessary to attend the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. in January, where recipients will present their research.

Dr. Soheil Nazarian, Director of CTIS, attributes the number of UTEP students that have received these national and highly competitive scholarships to the quality of the students and the breadth and depth of research capabilities at UTEP in the transportation-related area.

The Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS) was instituted at UTEP in 1997 to address the needs for basic and applied research related to transportation infrastructure. At any given time, CTIS researchers are involved in more than twenty externally funded projects in materials, design, management, and planning and operation of the State and Nation’s transportation infrastructure. More than 40 UTEP students are employed by CTIS, gaining hands-on experience in the field.

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