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Miners Rev Their Engines

Shell-Eco Marathon
Photo courtesy of Shell
Headlines worldwide report growing concerns over soaring gas prices and global warming, but seven UTEP students are hoping to make a difference by creating an eco-friendly vehicle.

The students will travel to Fontana, Calif., this week for the annual Shell Eco-Marathon to showcase their vehicle’s fuel-efficiency on the California Speedway.

The Miners will compete against 50 other student teams from throughout the United States. The team with the most fuel-efficient design will win the $10,000 grand prize.

Comprised of both mechanical and civil engineering students, the UTEP team has been preparing for the event since September 2007. This is the first year UTEP participates in the marathon.

The students hope their innovative design will break the 1,902.7 miles per gallon record set by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2007. For more information about the marathon, visit

– Cerrissa M. Cuellar

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