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TCM Welcomes Alumni

The College of Engineering at UTEP will hold its annual TCM Celebration on Friday, March 13 at UTEP.

The TCM Celebration honors Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Engineering. It is the oldest tradition in the College and University. Each year engineers and geologists pay homage to St. Pat to remember the roots of the University...Mining and Engineering. The celebration gets students involved with various on-campus and community services activities and students are acknowledged at the end of the day with a picnic and the official Green Card.

This year, engineering students are encouraging alumni to participate in the festivities. At 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 13, an alumni/student volleyball tournament will take place on the Engineering Lawn, followed by a picnic. All engineering alumni are encouraged to attend.

For more information visit or contact Jennifer Rasberry, 747-5971.