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design expo

The main objective of the Imagine the 2050 Green City Design Expo is to raise awareness of the environment, and spark students' interest in a science and/or engineering career. The goal of the Imagine the 2050 Green City Design Expo is to engage students in the design of a model city set within the Southwestern United States that is as green as possible.

The Green City Expo has three categories to participate in:

Category 1: Elementary School (Grades 3-5)

Participants in this category are required to submit a drawing in which they will create a graphic sketch or drawing to represent the 2050 Green City. All participants will have their drawing posted on this website.

Categories 2 and 3: Middle and High School (Grades 6-8 and 9-12)

Participants under these 2 categories must build a physical model "mock-up" and describe the different components which make their city "green". Teams are encouraged to consider sustainability aspects related to water, energy, agriculture, waste management, green spaces and transportation systems. The top 20 teams and their associated schools will be invited to tour the College of Engineering to learn more about green.

Congratulations to our 2014 Green City Design Expo Winners

Category 1: 1st Place - A. Soto (Homeschool)

Category 2: 1st Place - Cowboy Clarkies (Walter E. Clarke), 2nd Place - Green Coyote (Tornillo), 3rd Place - Sniper Ninja (Cielo Vista)

Category 3: 1st Place - Rapture (Parkland), 2nd Place - French Toast Mafia (Ysleta), 3rd Place - Super-MMAN (Parkland)