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Engineers Receive Grant to Develop Novel Materials for Air Force


Engineers Receive Grant to Develop Novel Materials for Air Force

ANDREA ACOSTA | November 13, 2013

Engineers Receive Grant to Develop Novel Materials for Air Force

Dr. Ramana

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded a U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) grant of approximately $350,000. The funds will support the discovery, development and integration of war-fighting technologies for air, space and cyberspace forces in such areas as materials and manufacturing, and sensors.

The research will ultimately provide modern devices for the Air Force and will lead to national security applications such as the ability to alter electromagnetic properties and performance.

Associate professor Chintalapalle Ramana Ph.D., will focus his efforts on the discovery, design and development of novel functional materials for utilization in advanced electro-optic sensor technologies.

According to Chintalapalle, nitrides are well-known to the engineering and science community because of their remarkable mechanical, physical, chemical, biological and tribological properties.

"Oxynitrides or nitrogen-doped oxides are a new class of functional materials, which are promising for application in electronics, magneto-electronics, optoelectronics, photo-catalysis and energy technologies," he said.

In order to revolutionize the trends and benefits of miniaturization of optical materials and the components of electro-optic devices, new functional materials will be engineered along with the development of new manufacturing strategies and technologies.

"We expect this project will create more opportunities and exciting careers to our undergraduate and graduate students by working with scientists and engineers at AFRL," Chintalapalle said. "By performing this cutting-edge research, providing unique opportunities to our students, and promoting excellence in research and education at UTEP, it will contribute to the quest to become the first national research university with a 21st century student demographic."

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