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Nazarian Awarded Army Grant


Nazarian Awarded Army Grant


Nazarian Awarded Army Grant

Dr. Soheil Nazarian

Dr. Soheil Nazarian, Professor of Civil Engineering at The University of Texas at El Paso has been awarded a $150,000 Army Grant for a project titled "Effective Utilization of Geosynthetic Products in Construction of Flexible Airfield Pavements."

Construction of flexible airfield pavements in expeditionary areas requires a significant amount of high-quality aggregate. In regions where high quality aggregate is in short supply, marginal materials have been used in lieu of traditional materials. Specialty aggregates used for drainage layers are also hard to find.

According to Nazarian, this can lead to contractual issues and delays as designers and inspectors attempt to hold local vendors to the U.S. Department of Defense's strict standards. As a result, projects are often delayed and underperformed.

"There are a number of geosynthetic products marketed for reinforcement and as self-contained drainage materials," said Nazarian. "The simple low-logistics use of geosynthetic technologies may increase the useful pavement life by improving the pavement stiffness and removing excess moisture."

Nazarian's research aims to identify new geosynthetic products for reinforcement of marginal materials and new geosynthetic drainage products. Nazarian will also develop recommendations for product testing under full-scale conditions. The research will be conducted in UTEP's Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS).


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