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ACES hosts first Balloon Bamboocha

August 28, 2017

Vinod Kumar, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and his student research team stand outside the College of Engineering for a group photo in the courtyard.

The Advancement Center for Engineering Students (ACES) welcomes all UTEP students to the Balloon Bamboocha, an open house to promote all the services that ACES offers. The Balloon Bamboocha will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 30, in ACES, which is located on the lower level of the Classroom Building. The Balloon Bamboocha will feature games, candy, prizes and hundreds of balloons. Students are invited to stop by and enjoy the activities while learning about the services ACES has to offer.

Quentin Harris, a sophomore electrical engineering major and ACES associate, said ACES has the capability to serve up to 200 students a week who are seeking tutoring services. It is a hub that is operated by students to support other students, and it offers resume reviews, mock interviews, room reservations and career-related workshops to students of all majors. The center also assists with student-run events in the College of Engineering. The tutoring options will be personalized to adapt to different study habits and ways of learning.

When a student at one point or another has had trouble in a class, the student workers at ACES who can help their classmates feel more comfortable with seeking help in their academic needs. "We hope to create a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when students help their fellow classmates," Gabby Gandara, the UTEP College of Engineering director of student services. "Our hope is that when a student falls they are able to get back up and get the help they need. In doing so, it creates a cycle where students are able to pay it forward because they remember that there was a time they too were struggling." Students looking for a place to study, network and seek advice or tutoring are welcome to "pop" into the Balloon Bamboocha.

For more information please reach out to:
Quentin Harris at 914-747-6148;


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