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UTEP EM Lab Wins $400,000 Keysight Equipment Award


UTEP EM Lab Wins $400,000 Keysight Equipment Award

July 28, 2015

UTEP EM Lab Wins $400,000 Keysight Equipment Award

UTEP EM Lab Wins $400,000 Keysight Equipment Award

The University of Texas at El Paso's EM Lab received a large equipment award worth over $400,000 from Keysight Technologies, the Keysight PXI RF Vector Signal Analyzer and Generator (VSA/G). The Keysight VSA/G is a device that generates realistic signals, such as Wi-Fi and LTE cell phone signals, passes them through a device, and analyzes to see if the internal circuits distorts the signal.

By having the ability to test their 3-D printed devices, the Keysight VSA/G will lead to more research opportunities and breakthroughs within the EM Lab. Identifying if the devices distort signals will allow researchers at UTEP to adjust devices in real-time during manufacturing, enabling them to meet tighter performance specifications, pack more functions into smaller amounts of space, improve battery life and internet speeds in mobile electronics, and to help manufacture circuits into new shapes unlike today's flat circuit boards.

The Keysight VSA/G also will allow the College of Engineering researchers at UTEP to bridge the gap among the areas of signals, communication, radar and 3-D printing, as well as to develop a Microwave and Communications Lab for students.

"Having this type of academic lab will give our students better training and will attract more talent into the discipline," said Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf, Director of the EM Lab.

Paired with the development of a new Microwave and Communications Lab, the Keysight VSA/G will allow the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department to explore tighter integration of signals/communications courses with electromagnetics courses, giving students new opportunities to see the connections between the topic areas, something a lack of capabilities has left the departments unable to do in the past.

The mission of the EM Lab, since its founding in 2011, has been to manufacture devices with electrical functionality by 3-D printing and to develop new revolutionary technologies that are enabled by 3-D printing.

Even though the EM Lab is very new, its researchers have already delivered many significant breakthroughs. They have invented two revolutionary electromagnetic mechanisms, demonstrated the world's tightest bend of an optical beam, and have recently 3D printed a mobile phone that used spatially variant anisotropic metamaterials (SVAMs) to decouple the antennas inside that were placed extremely close.

EM Lab researchers were trained by Keysight with the equipment on June 23 and are set to receive the newest Keysight VSA/G model before the start of the Fall 2015 semester.

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