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Engineering Professor Publishes Book


Engineering Professor Publishes Book


Engineering Professor Publishes Book

Arunkumar Pennathur, Ph.D.

Dr. Arunkumar Pennathur, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, has co-edited and published a book titled Industrial Resource Utilization and Productivity: Understanding the Linkages.

The book is the outgrowth of an international conference that Pennathur helped organize in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2009. The conference, the first of its kind for industrial engineers, examined the use and optimization of resources, renewable and non-renewable as well as natural and man-made, for generating power, products, and services.

According to Pennathur the book was motivated by the need for industrial engineering researchers to understand and devise measures to optimize the use of resources. Among the key topics being examined in the book are ways to minimize the use of non-recyclable natural resources, such as oil and coal; enhancing the utilization of recyclable natural resources, such as metals' and better education and training for our biggest resource – humans. Key strategies for effective resource utilization in the workplace include reduction of water consumption in activities that represent inequitable distribution, such as the growing of crops in arid and semiarid areas that require intense irrigation and increased use of renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind.

The book is published by Momentum Press and is available through major booksellers.


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