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Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Brings Green Energy Manufacturing to UTEP


Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Brings Green Energy Manufacturing to UTEP

July 19, 2012

Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Brings Green Energy Manufacturing to UTEP

Left to right, Dr. Paras Mandal, Dr. Ricardo Pineda, Dr. Eric Smith, Dr. Bill Tseng

The Department of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering (IMSE) at The University of Texas at El Paso has been awarded a $2.5M grant from the Department of Education to support "Fusing Green Energy into Manufacturing Engineering Education." The grant funds a five-year collaboration between UTEP and Drexel University (DU) in Philadelphia that will integrate green energy manufacturing courses into the curriculum.

"Fusing Green Energy into Manufacturing Engineering Education" project is designed to integrate information, technology-based and real-world problem solving into green energy manufacturing courses.

The addition of three new classes in green energy manufacturing will increase the number of well-trained system engineers with the skills to identify opportunities for green energy processes and practices in industrial settings. UTEP and DU aim to use the new courses to improve retention and program completion by creating one-on-one learning experiences that will be particularly attractive to women in the manufacturing field.

This grant is led by Principle Investigator Dr. Bill Tseng and with collaboration from Dr. Paras Mandal and Dr. Eric Smith from UTEP and Professors Dr. Richard Chiou, Dr. Michael G. Mauk and Dr. Rodian Belu from Drexel University. UTEP and DU together will create a highly experiential learning environment for undergraduate engineering students. It is anticipated that this foundation will promote successful careers through the development of leadership skills, novel technologies and fresh approaches for the use of green methods in both existing and new manufacturing processes.

"The United States wants to bring manufacturing back into the states and green energy is a growing trend here, so my idea was how can we put them together," said Dr. Bill Tseng Associate Professor in Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering. "To seed green thinking into our manufacturing, we first have to educate the students, help them cultivate professional support and help them become leaders specifically in green energy manufacturing."

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