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Civil Engineering Professor goes to Vietnam


Civil Engineering Professor goes to Vietnam

June 18, 2012

Civil Engineering Professor goes to Vietnam

Civil Engineering Professor goes to Vietnam

Civil Engineering Clinical Professor Dr. Austin Marshall at The University of Texas at El Paso has been awarded a grant from the Department of State to participate in the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF).

The Vietnam Education Foundation is a program established by the Department of State to strengthen the United States-Vietnam bilateral relationship through education exchanges in science and technology. The Department of State gives funding to the VEF to give graduate students an opportunity to come to the U.S. to study. The VEF funds professors from Vietnam to teach in a university in the U.S. and vise versa. Specifically, VEF aims to help Vietnam establish a science, engineering, medical and technical community that can have a strong teaching and research agenda, create economic growth, maintain scientific cooperation with the U.S., and enable Vietnam to gain and contribute to scientific and technological advances globally. Dr. Marshall stated this is a competitive grant in the sense that it requires the university to show that there is an agreement with a Vietnamese university to go teach, and both universities must show that they are giving back to the foundation in forms of help or money.

During the 2012 Fall Semester Dr. Marshall will be teaching at Hue University in Hue, Vietnam. He will go to the university for two weeks then come back to the states and teach via live web for ten weeks, then go back to Hue to finish off the semester.

"The Vietnam Education Foundation believes that this collaboration with two universities will help foster long-term relationships with UTEP and Hue University," Dr. Marshall said.

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