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Mayor Recognizes UTEP’s Transportation Lab at City Council Meeting


Mayor Recognizes UTEP’s Transportation Lab at City Council Meeting


Mayor John Cook recognized The University of Texas at El Paso’s Transportation Laboratory at the City Council Meeting on June 8. The laboratory was recognized for a student project that led to the construction of the new roundabout in El Paso’s Upper Valley.

Representative Ann Morgan Lilly presented a certificate to Dr. Salvador Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, and Jeff Shelton, former graduate student in UTEP’s Civil Engineering Department. Shelton was responsible for data collection, traffic analysis and modeling services for the Upper Valley roundabout project.

According to Dr. Hernandez, the new roundabout will reduce traffic accidents and improve traffic flow at the busy intersection.

“It’s the first of its kind in El Paso,” said Dr. Kelvin Cheu, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering. “It’s probably the first one in Texas.”

Shelton’s project, deemed a huge success by the City Council, has led to the subsequent use of roundabouts in El Paso, including the one under construction at UTEP.

“I drove through it when it first opened,” said Shelton. “It works just like I modeled it. I'm happy UTEP can find a solution to global problems.”


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