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Metallurgical & Materials Engineering introduces Printing Nano-Engineering Option


Metallurgical & Materials Engineering introduces Printing Nano-Engineering Option


Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (MME) undergraduates will be able to select Printing Nano-Engineering (PNE) as an option in their degree plan beginning Fall 2014. New materials and processes expand career opportunities for Metallurgical and Materials Engineering graduates. The PNE option adds another dimension to the range of options that MME students can select from.

"We are looking into the future, where students will be ahead of many others in technology and engineering because the PNE option is a first here in the United States," said Lawrence Murr, Chair and Professor of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering department at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Dr. Namsoo (Peter) Kim, Associate Professor of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering developed the concentration as part of cooperative agreement with Seokyeong University in Seoul, South Korea. UTEP's efforts are supported by a $2M grant from the University of Seokyeong.

PNE technologies reduce or eliminate electronic waste inherent to current manufacturing process. The reduction or elimination of waste has the benefit of reducing both production costs and environmental impact.

The PNE option will prepare materials engineering students for advanced, high-tech engineering and manufacturing. Courses in the option will blend theoretical concepts with hands-on learning to provide students with a comprehensive experience. Students will work with electronic systems and devices that may be integrated into flexible electronics, materials, and even clothing. Participating students will also build displays and memory/computer tablets using 2D/3D printing strategies.

The cooperative program includes study abroad for MME students from UTEP and Seokyeong University. Participating students will gain international experience by studying in other countries that have Nano Printing Engineering courses at their universities.

PNE will work closely with the W.M Keck Center for 3D Innovation of UTEP's College of Engineering. Students take their designs through prototyping using state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing technologies at the Center. Keck expertise includes uses of rapid-prototyping technology to create durable, lightweight, three-dimensional electronic components.

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