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Transportation Researchers Gain Esteem at National Meeting


Transportation Researchers Gain Esteem at National Meeting


Transportation Researchers Gain Esteem at National Meeting

Graduate civil engineering students Alejandro Miramontes, left, and Victor M. Garcia stand with their poster at the Transportation Research Board meeting. Photo courtesy of Imad Abdallah.

Graduate civil engineering students Victor M. Garcia and Alejandro Miramontes recently attended the 94th annual Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting. While there, the researchers gained national recognition when their poster presentation was accepted for publication in the prestigious Transportation Research Record (TRR) journal.

They are the first members of TRB's Minority Students Fellows program to have their paper accepted for publication. Acceptance in the TRR journal is typically attained by distinguished faculty, but both Garcia and Miramontes were just undergraduates when they wrote the paper at The University of Texas at El Paso.

Garcia and Miramontes are members of the University's Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS).


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