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Congratulations Dean's List!


Fall 2012 Dean's List

February 18, 2013

The College of Engineering congratulates 381 undergraduate students for earning a place on the fall 2012 Dean's List. The list includes 132 students who earned a perfect 4.0 GPA.

The College of Engineering enrolled 2,612 undergraduate students for the fall 2012 term.

To qualify for the honor a student must be enrolled full-time and achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher for the fall 2012 semester.

"Earning a spot on the Dean's List requires both talent and commitment," said Patricia Nava, Associate Dean - Undergraduate Studies and Academic Affairs. "The achievements of these students are an indication of the academic excellence of UTEP Engineering"

Dean's List Fall 2012 - By Major
First Name MI Last Name Major
Marcelino   Anguiano Chavez Civil Engineering
Christopher S Betancis Civil Engineering
Carmen J Gomez Civil Engineering
Andrea   Gutierrez Civil Engineering
Yvette N Holguin Civil Engineering
Kayla N Morales Civil Engineering
Zilthai O Soto Civil Engineering
Jorge A Velarde-Moreno Civil Engineering
Gabriel A Villanueva Civil Engineering
Sandra N Gutierrez Civil Engineering
Vicente   Lopez Flores Civil Engineering
Levi A Pereda Civil Engineering
Lisa M Haisan Civil Engineering
Manuel   Talamantes Civil Engineering
Priscilla L Sandoval Civil Engineering
Karla Y Gamez Civil Engineering
Estefany   Ramos Civil Engineering
Paulina   Cristoforo Civil Engineering
Eduardo J Torres Civil Engineering
Christopher   Juarez Civil Engineering
Ana L Lopez Civil Engineering
Jessica L Miramontes Civil Engineering
Jorge   Berumen Computer Science
Adriana C Camacho Computer Science
Victor O Chaparro Computer Science
Manuel E Dosal Computer Science
Paola   Gallardo Computer Science
Jason M Holt Computer Science
Alexander W Knaust Computer Science
George   Moreno Pineda Computer Science
Victor   Noe Computer Science
Alex M Rayon Computer Science
Aaron R Surratt Computer Science
Stephen D Liles Computer Science
Karina   Valtierra Computer Science
Esaul   Campos Computer Science
Steven R Chapa Computer Science
Mathew   Guevara Computer Science
Garrett J Shaw Computer Science
Luis A Unzueta Computer Science
Ana I Villegas Jaquez Computer Science
Alla K Dove Computer Science
Anuar Y Jauregui Computer Science
Carlos E Luevanos Computer Science
Jonathan K Quijas Computer Science
Sara G Acevedo Computer Science
Joshua B Hicks Computer Science
Edzel F Garcia Computer Science
Jorge Y Cabrera Computer Science
Stephen T Gavilanes Computer Science
Julian C Lopez Computer Science
Andres   Salinas Computer Science
Steven D Werner Computer Science
Ramon   Cardona Sanchez Electrical Engineering
Juan F Castillo Electrical Engineering
Eric   Chaidez Electrical Engineering
Christopher   Gaytan Electrical Engineering
Zachary T Jackson Electrical Engineering
Elias N Jaquez Electrical Engineering
Ernesto   Lopez Electrical Engineering
Jorge D Martinez Electrical Engineering
Jessica   Montes Electrical Engineering
Rogelio   Ochoa Electrical Engineering
Alonso   Orea Electrical Engineering
Mario   Renteria Pinon Electrical Engineering
Ashley M Rivas Electrical Engineering
Jose   Rivera Electrical Engineering
Mario A Rojas Electrical Engineering
Stephanie M Sanchez Electrical Engineering
Hannah T Shearman Electrical Engineering
David   Sustaita Electrical Engineering
Cesar L Valle Electrical Engineering
Alejandra A Vargas Electrical Engineering
James R Kyle Electrical Engineering
Rene A Brito Electrical Engineering
Virginia   Jimenez Electrical Engineering
Noel P Martinez Electrical Engineering
Luis R Zuniga Electrical Engineering
Carlos   Armendariz Electrical Engineering
Ricardo   Barreto Electrical Engineering
Heriberto   De La Cruz Electrical Engineering
Julio C Lujan Electrical Engineering
David E Reyes Electrical Engineering
Abiodun A Alao Electrical Engineering
Joshua P Allen Electrical Engineering
Luis C Banuelos-Chacon Electrical Engineering
Luis   Berumen Electrical Engineering
Benjamin S Cruz Electrical Engineering
Jesus J Gutierrez Electrical Engineering
Briana Y Nunez Electrical Engineering
Emmanuel J Ochoa Electrical Engineering
Luis A Ponce Electrical Engineering
Manuel   Rossy Electrical Engineering
Cesar G Soto Electrical Engineering
Luis A Vergara Electrical Engineering
Juan C Vicente Electrical Engineering
Abraham   Alvarez Electrical Engineering
Ricardo   Barcenas Electrical Engineering
Elaine T Maestas Electrical Engineering
Ricardo   Rodriguez Electrical Engineering
Michelle J Salvador Electrical Engineering
Janvier F Yanine Electrical Engineering
Efrain   Aguilera Electrical Engineering
Luis E Puentes Electrical Engineering
Armando   Ortiz Electrical Engineering
Alexander   Gomez Electrical Engineering
Fernando   Machado Electrical Engineering
Kristian D Villanueva Electrical Engineering
Alejandro   Hernandez Electrical Engineering
Karla E Montano Electrical Engineering
Dante N Schlomer Electrical Engineering
Yoshito   Yamane Electrical Engineering
Carlos   Cobos Electrical Engineering
Stephanie   Rodriguez Electrical Engineering
Rodrigo   Rodriguez Jr Electrical Engineering
Uriel E Sanchez Electrical Engineering
Jessica J Segovia Electrical Engineering
Gabriel   Burrola Electrical Engineering
Alfredo I Chavez-Hernandez Electrical Engineering
Jami R Delgadillo Electrical Engineering
Ernest C Powell Electrical Engineering
Ivan H Carrasco Electrical Engineering
Rodrigo J Ibanez-Alcala Electrical Engineering
Jose C Sandoval Electrical Engineering
Salena R Berge Electrical Engineering
Lorenzo   Corral Electrical Engineering
Diane   Garcia-Gaytan Electrical Engineering
Laura I Padilla-Salmon Electrical Engineering
Daniel   Ramirez Electrical Engineering
Pamela   Martinez Villarreal Industrial Engineering
Elsa E Rodriguez Industrial Engineering
Juan M Sanchez Industrial Engineering
Ngozi C Ubani Industrial Engineering
Pablo F Garza Barroso Industrial Engineering
Victor H Dominguez Industrial Engineering
Ana K Dorado Ibarra Industrial Engineering
Diana E Canizales Industrial Engineering
Pamela   Baca Industrial Engineering
Karla   Muro Industrial Engineering
Jose C Chavarria Lower Division Civil Engineering
Ramon M Razo-Madrid Lower Division Civil Engineering
Joel   Cardenas Lower Division Civil Engineering
Maritza A Almada Lower Division Civil Engineering
Alejandro M Burgueno Lower Division Civil Engineering
Juan V Fernandez Lower Division Civil Engineering
Cristobal I Robles Lower Division Civil Engineering
Gerardo I Montero Lower Division Civil Engineering
Adam   Camarillo Lower Division Civil Engineering
Oluwafemi I Aregbesola Lower Division Civil Engineering
Luis A Hernandez Lower Division Civil Engineering
Alex   Soto Lower Division Civil Engineering
Jose A Tarin Lower Division Civil Engineering
Danielle   Apodaca Mechanical Engineering
Joselyn   Cardenas Mechanical Engineering
Javier   Chaparro Mechanical Engineering
Luis A Chavez Mechanical Engineering
Herman R Cordero Mechanical Engineering
Julian   Duran Mechanical Engineering
Solomon   Gardea Mechanical Engineering
Brian   Zamarripa Roman Mechanical Engineering
Jaime A Barron Ruiz Mechanical Engineering
Francisco J Guevara Arreola Mechanical Engineering
Guillermo A Heinrichs Delgado Mechanical Engineering
Victor D Castillo Mechanical Engineering
Marcos   Diaz Mechanical Engineering
Alfonso   Fernandez Mechanical Engineering
Karla V Becerra Mechanical Engineering
Ivan J Fuller Mechanical Engineering
Richard Thomas   Lane Mechanical Engineering
Luis A Padilla Mechanical Engineering
Travis J Wilson Mechanical Engineering
Jorge A Rosero Mechanical Engineering
Carlos A Contreras Mechanical Engineering
Samantha R Lucero Mechanical Engineering
Angelica C Bailey Mechanical Engineering
Armando A Duarte Mechanical Engineering
Jaime D Arroyo Mechanical Engineering
Magali   Lopez Mechanical Engineering
Jose A Pulido Mechanical Engineering
Omar D Vidana Mechanical Engineering
April J Rivera Mechanical Engineering
Cesar   Chavez Perez Mechanical Engineering
Edgar   Martinez Mechanical Engineering
Luis E Ramirez Mechanical Engineering
Perla V Salcedo Mechanical Engineering
Alex J Whisler Mechanical Engineering
Nathan   Bouche Mechanical Engineering
Jacqueline L Cason Mechanical Engineering
Francisco J Guillen Mechanical Engineering
Deanna E Key Mechanical Engineering
Robert I Macias Mechanical Engineering
Erick   Martinez Mechanical Engineering
Braulio   Monterroza Mechanical Engineering
Luis C Ochoa Mechanical Engineering
Leonardo   Orea Mechanical Engineering
Alexandra   Alcantara-Guardado Mechanical Engineering
Mayela R Aldaz-Cervantes Mechanical Engineering
Paulina   Almada Mechanical Engineering
Alan   Alvillar Mechanical Engineering
Kevin J Berba Mechanical Engineering
Luz I Bugarin Mechanical Engineering
Alejandra G Cabral Mechanical Engineering
John N Carey Mechanical Engineering
Mariana   Chaidez Mechanical Engineering
Ivan W Chan Mechanical Engineering
A S M Arifur R Chowdhury Mechanical Engineering
Jose L Coronel Mechanical Engineering
Diego   Delfin Mechanical Engineering
Victor H Duenas Fontes Mechanical Engineering
Joseph   Duran Mechanical Engineering
Alan A Esparza Mechanical Engineering
Ricardo   Garcia Mechanical Engineering
Sergio E Guerrero Mechanical Engineering
Aaron   Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Israel   Lopez Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer A Lopez Mechanical Engineering
Jonel A Ortiz Mechanical Engineering
Dylan A Ott Mechanical Engineering
Jorge A Ramirez Mechanical Engineering
Ana C Rios Mechanical Engineering
Christian I Rodarte Mechanical Engineering
Francisco J Salcedo Ortega Mechanical Engineering
Francisco   Torres Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan   Torres Mechanical Engineering
Eduardo   Cordero Rovelo Mechanical Engineering
Jaime   Cruz Mechanical Engineering
Salvador   Sandoval Mechanical Engineering
Paul A Davila Mechanical Engineering
Gabriela   Enriquez Mechanical Engineering
Leslie   Prat Mechanical Engineering
Corinne N Wittmann Mechanical Engineering
Steven D Ambriz Mechanical Engineering
Fernando   Cedillos Mechanical Engineering
Marisa A Godoy Mechanical Engineering
Daniel   Llausas Mechanical Engineering
Ramiro   Pinon Mechanical Engineering
Marco E Quiroz Mechanical Engineering
Luis A Varela Mechanical Engineering
Alejandro A Vazquez Mechanical Engineering
Daniela C Quinonez Rubalcava Mechanical Engineering
Ricardo   Pena Mechanical Engineering
Christian R Ruiz Mechanical Engineering
Samuel D Guzman Mechanical Engineering
Oscar M Juarez Mechanical Engineering
Juan M Barragan Mechanical Engineering
Jose D Cruz Garcia Mechanical Engineering
Sebastian   De La Rosa Mechanical Engineering
Branden A McNeely Mechanical Engineering
Heimdall   Mendoza Mechanical Engineering
Gabriel R Trujillo Mechanical Engineering
Jessica L Buckner Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Felix F Erales Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Katherine   Ramos-Carrasco Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Juan C Vargas Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Jorge A Catalan Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Ilse   Alcantara Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Dorian   Lucero Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
David R Delacruz Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Alejandro   Hinojos Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Matthew   Manriquez Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Jad   Aboud Pre-Engineering
Meliza G Almeraz Pre-Engineering
Christian   Amezcua Pre-Engineering
Jose L Arciniega Aguilar Pre-Engineering
Omar G Barcenas Pre-Engineering
Jerry C Barrera Pre-Engineering
Jaime A Calderon Matar Pre-Engineering
Marco A Cardiel Pre-Engineering
Carlos A Catzin Pre-Engineering
Cesar A Chico Pre-Engineering
Roya   Edalatpour Pre-Engineering
Andrea M Galindo Pre-Engineering
Analuisa   Garcia Pre-Engineering
Carlos D Garcia Pre-Engineering
Daniel J Garlock Pre-Engineering
Amber E Gomez Pre-Engineering
Juan F Gonzalez Pre-Engineering
Luis A Gutierrez Pre-Engineering
Luis A Gutierrez Pre-Engineering
Ana D Guzman Pre-Engineering
Dillon B Harrison Pre-Engineering
Jose L Herrera Pre-Engineering
Jeremy   Karisch Pre-Engineering
Bryan D Kern Pre-Engineering
Robert T Laigaie Pre-Engineering
Edgar J Maguregui Pre-Engineering
Mariana   Martinez Pre-Engineering
Omar J Medina Pre-Engineering
Daniel M Mejia Pre-Engineering
Jose R Mendez Pre-Engineering
Yair G Morales Parra Pre-Engineering
Adbeel J Moreno Tarango Pre-Engineering
Damian G Najera Pre-Engineering
Aaron E Pacheco Pre-Engineering
Jazmin   Porras Pre-Engineering
Jimena C Porras Pre-Engineering
Angel A Robles Pre-Engineering
Maria L Rodriguez Pre-Engineering
Edgar A Sanchez Pre-Engineering
Steven   Torres Pre-Engineering
Pablo   Velarde Pre-Engineering
Michael C Velez Pre-Engineering
Hector D Villarreal Sanchez Pre-Engineering
Raul O Zapata Portillo Pre-Engineering
Pedro A Marquez Pre-Engineering
Marco   Heras Pre-Engineering
Cesar   Hinojosa Pre-Engineering
Eric   Arellano Pre-Engineering
Nabile E Garcia Pre-Engineering
Kevin   Schnittker Pre-Engineering
Jairo A Enriquez Pre-Engineering
Raul A Alvarez Pre-Engineering
Kim   Dominguez Pre-Engineering
Jesus E Gonzalez Pre-Engineering
Alejandro   Mora Pre-Engineering
Ileana I Rubio Pre-Engineering
Ralph   Vargas Pre-Engineering
Brandon R Eagen Pre-Engineering
Cristina   Enriquez Pre-Engineering
Armando   Espinoza Pre-Engineering
Joey   Hidalgo Pre-Engineering
Ximena   Jauregui De La Garza Pre-Engineering
Tony J Maldonado Pre-Engineering
Jorge D Mata Pre-Engineering
Javier A Ornelas Pre-Engineering
Izequiel J Rivas Pre-Engineering
Taylor L Stovall Pre-Engineering
Jacob J Valdiviez Pre-Engineering
Jorge A Cabrera Pre-Engineering
Martin   Chavarin Pre-Engineering
Jacobo   Gamez Pre-Engineering
Santiago   Nunez Pre-Engineering
Erick D Rico Pre-Engineering
Emmanuel C Tafoya Pre-Engineering
Jesus   Casillas Pre-Engineering
Jeffrey E Coggins Pre-Engineering
Warren   Hyman Pre-Engineering
Andres   Medina-Payan Pre-Engineering
Ruben A Ortiz Mota Pre-Engineering
Robert A Pena Pre-Engineering
Cecilia   Villela Pre-Engineering
Francisco X Molina Pre-Engineering
Isaiah N Webb Pre-Engineering
Raul H Corella Pre-Engineering
Diana S Ibarra Pre-Engineering
Damian R Andrade Pre-Engineering
Jesus   Pacheco Pre-Engineering
Mario   Robles Pre-Engineering
Jose M Zaragoza Pre-Engineering
Gabriel   Altamirano Pre-Engineering
Kevin A Suarez Pre-Engineering
Adrian   Contreras Pre-Engineering
Edgar   Bustamante Pre-Engineering
Amanda C Castillo Pre-Engineering
Miriam   Gonzalez Pre-Engineering
Vanessa R Soto Pre-Engineering
Rene   Valdez Pre-Engineering
Yair   Varela Pre-Engineering
Paul J Sanchez Pre-Engineering
Isaac L Armendariz Pre-Engineering
Erwin I Delgado Pre-Engineering
Jesus M Munoz Pre-Engineering
Alberto I Nunez Vazquez Pre-Engineering
Bartley S Mcgill Pre-Engineering
Mark T Chavez Pre-Engineering
Pedro M Garcia-Jurado Pre-Engineering
Ivan   Gastelum Pre-Engineering
Andres   Jimenez Pre-Engineering
Patrick   Rossy Pre-Engineering
Oscar   Urias Pre-Engineering
Herandy D Vazquez Pre-Engineering
Hector L Anchondo Pre-Engineering
Athena A Chavez Pre-Engineering
Estephanie   Flores Pre-Engineering
Fabian R Hernandez Pre-Engineering
Alexander G Larkins Pre-Engineering
Javier   Mares Pre-Engineering
Krystal M Meyers Pre-Engineering
Michael   Rivera Pre-Engineering
Jaime A Torres Pre-Engineering
Gabriel   Vasquez Pre-Engineering



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