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ME Takes Both Categories in ITEA Student Paper Contest


ME Takes Both Categories in ITEA Student Paper Contest


The University of Texas at El Paso's Mechanical Engineers have come out winners in both the undergraduate and graduate categories, in the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) Student Paper Contest.

In the graduate category Francisco Pineda and Jesus Betancourt-Roque were selected as winners for their paper entitled "Cryogenic Systems Development for LOX/Hydrocarbon Propulsion Research."

"We are excited to show the capabilities of research that UTEP and the cSETR (Center for Space Exploration Technology Research) can achieve and winning contests such as the ITEA brings recognition to our hard work. This type of achievements would not have been possible without the guidance of our principal investigator Dr. Choudhuri and the support of NASA," Francisco Pineda said.

In the undergraduate category Colin J. Davis and Arturo Acosta-Zamora were selected as winners for their paper entitled "Thrust Measurement and Propellant Feed Systems Development for Testing LOX/Methane Reaction Control Thrusters."

"We are very pleased and proud to have received recognition in both categories. It's a reward and benefit to the students that have put in the work, study and effort. It's also excellent feedback and evidence to support our Center, Department and College for its focus on developing a research capacity that adds to classroom learning and provides a sustainable, supportive pipeline for undergrads to become graduate students and then well prepared industry professionals," Dr. Choudhuri, Professor and Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department said.

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