Electrical & Computer Engineering

"The belief that becomes truth for me... is that which allows me the best use of my strength, the best means of putting my virtues into action."
-André Gide-


  • 2002 Smart Gait Emulator, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico Tech
  • 1999 Electronic Nose (Biosensors Group), University of Teesside, United Kingdom
  • 1998 Traning machine for stroke patients (KlinikBerlin), Germany
  • 1997 Gait Trainer Machine (KlinikBerlin), Germany
  • 1996 Vision-Based Measurement System (Cummins Engine Conpany, Inc. USA/UK)
  • 1996 Neurological Footplate (KlinikBerlin), Germany
  • 1996 Diabetic Foot Sensor (South Cleveland hospital), United Kingdon
  • 1996 Weight-Bearing Heel Pad Thickness Device (South Cleveland Hospital), UK
  • 1985 True Mass Flow Rate Meter (Institute of Measurement and Control), Germany

"Only in men's imagination does every truth find an effective and undeniable existence. Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of art, as of life."
-Joseph Conrad-

Dr. Sarkodie-Gyan

Dr.-Ing. Thompson
Sarkodie-Gyan, FInstMC
Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer

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