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Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Director, Power & Renewable Energy Systems (PRES) Lab

University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
500 W. University Ave., El Paso, Texas 79968
Ph: (915) 747-8653
E-mail: pmandal {at} utep.edu; parasmandal {at} ieee.org

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A special issue of ENERGIES journal; Editor: Paras Mandal

Special Issue "Smart Microgrids: Developing the Intelligent Power Grid of Tomorrow"

Editorial Board of "Forecasting" journal



Professional Experiences

  • September 2017 - Present: Tenured Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso

  • September 2011 - August 2017: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, University of Texas at El Paso

  • Visiting Professor, National Chung-Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan (July 2016)

2005 - 2011:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, ECE Department, University of New Brunswick, NB, Canada.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, ECE Department, University of Calgary, AB, Canada.
    Research Fellow, Academic Level-A, School of Engineering, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.
  • Research Professor, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea.
  • JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, University of the Ryukyus, Japan.


  • Ph.D. (Electric Power System), Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, University of the Ryukyus, Japan (september 2005).


PRES lab background: The diversity of PRES Lab addresses technological challenges associated with Smart Power Grid and Cyber Physical Systems. Research areas mainly focus on planning and operation of electric energy systems; electricity market; renewable integration and forecasting; demand response; and intelligent system applications in power system.

Research Interests

  • Power System Operations and Electricity Markets
  • Renewable Integration to Grid, Energy Storage, and Demand Response
  • Smart Grid, Distribution Systems, Grid Resiliency
  • Transactive Energy / Transactive Control
  • Power System Forecasting (wind/solar power, load demand, electricity prices) and Optimization
  • Predictive Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligenc Applications to Power System
  • Advanced Machine Learning Based Decision Support Tools; Data-Driven Even Detection
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Power Engineering education


  • EE5383, EE4395 Smart Grid Fundamentals – Fall 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016
  • EE3385 Energy Conversion – Fall 2018
  • EE2350 Electric Circuits-I – Spring 2018, Fall 2017, Spring 2017
  • EE5388, EE4395 Power System Operations – Spring 2018, Spring 2017, Spring 2016, Spring 2015, Spring 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011
  • EE6195 Doctoral Seminar – Fall 2017,
  • EE4395 Electric Power Systems – Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Spring 2015
  • EE6195 Doctoral Seminar – Fall 2017
  • EE5390/MFG5389 Green Energy Manufacturing (co-teaching) – Fall 2017, Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Fall 2013
  • SE5341/EE5341 Systems Engineering Fundamentals – Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Fall 2012, Spring 2012
  • IE4490 Operations Research-II – Spring 2014




  • Senior Member, IEEE
  • Secretary, IEEE PEEC Award Subcommittee
  • Member, IEEE PEEC – University Education Activities Subcommittee
  • Secretary, IEEE New Product Development (NPD) Committee – Selection & Quality Control Subcommittee
  • IEEE Power and Energy Society
  • IEEE Industry Applications Society




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