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Thomas Boland
Thomas Boland, Ph.D.

Engineering Building BE202
Phone: (915) 747-7992 Fax: (915) 747-8036

B3D(Biomedical Device, Delivery, and Diagnostic Lab)

The Biomedical Device, Delivery, and Diagnostic lab (B3D), headed by Dr. Thomas Boland, is focused on the research, innovation, and fabrication of biomedical implements. Research topics include tissue engineering, cell bioprinting, nanoparticle drug delivery, low-resource diagnostics, and the early detection of cancer. Dr. Boland brings his experience as the grandfather of modern inkjet bioprinting, as well as his knowledge of Chemical Engineering to the graduate students of the B3D lab. Students of the B3D lab come from various backgrounds including: Electrical, Mechanical, and Metallurgical Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The diverse backgrounds of the members of the lab, combined with the collaboration with other UTEP laboratories allows the B3D lab to take on several large scale interdisciplinary projects.